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Green Hydrogen Project Development: Navigating the Road Ahead (2021)

Author: Juriaan van Tilburg

2021 was a tipping point for clean hydrogen markets filled with big announcements of large-scale clean hydrogen production across the globe. Over the past few years, Hinicio has witnessed a gradual shift of focus from early technology deployment and long-term market strategies to more concrete questions around project development, engineering and market development. What’s more, these projects are no longer focused solely on water electrolysis as developers seek further integration with more complex molecules, in particular ammonia, methanol and e-kerosene.

Advisory report on the development of a Green Hydrogen certification scheme in Chile (2021)

Final Report 

Hinicio | Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST) | World Bank

This report represents the final deliverable of the consultancy “Recommendations for a Green Hydrogen Certification Scheme in Chile that is compatible with national and international carbon markets”. It is a synthetic advisory report with key recommendations that will allow the Government of Chile to define a path forward with regards to the selection, design, and implementation of a certification system for green molecules produced in Chile that increases the country’s competitiveness with regards to future exports of said products.

Mexico: Green Hydrogen integration into the grid (2021)

Volume II – Final Report

Hinicio | Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) 

This study analyses the impact of hydrogen integration in both the national power system and the isolated power grid in Mulege, Baja California. For the national power system, a multi-node model is built and analyzed in three-time horizons: 2020 (to calibrate), 2030 and 2050 with information obtained mainly from the PRODESEN, international reports, and Hinicio know-how. For 2030 and 2050 two scenarios are defined, H2MX (with H2) and BaU (without H2), to compare how hydrogen affects the system.

Green hydrogen in Mexico: the potential for transformation (2021)

Final Report   |  Spanish

Hinicio | Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) 

The deployment of green hydrogen could lay the foundation for new opportunities for public and private companies as a key element for decarbonization with important applications in energy, mobility and industry to help Mexico meet its climate goals, as well as create new jobs and business opportunities.

In Mexico, if the appropriate public policies and incentives are given and the favourable conditions for the adoption of the industry, more than 670 MW of electrolysis could be deployed by 2030. In 2050 the national electrolysis capacity could reach 38.7 GW, driven by 15.5 billion dollars of investment since the end of the 2020s and the creation of a Mexican green hydrogen market valued at 5.7 billion dollars per year.

Quantification of the industrial and labour chain for the development of hydrogen in Chile (2020)

Final Report  |  Spanish

Hinicio | Ministry of Energy of Chile | GIZ

The use of green hydrogen could represent about 21% of the CO2 reductions required for achieving zero-net emissions. Under the request of GIZ and the Ministry of Energy of Chile, HINICIO has prepared this report to quantify the number of companies and jobs with the potential to be part of the value chains for green hydrogen projects, prioritizing NDC sectors. The report concludes that 7 categories and 33 economic sub-items can supply this industry’s main goods and services, apart from the estimated creation of at least 94 thousand jobs by 2050.

Ports: Paving the way for the hydrogen sector (2020)

Authors: Jean-Christophe Lanoix & Jill Galland

Colossal projects for the production of decarbonized hydrogen are emerging in large European ports and vying with the ambition to become the strongholds of this sector of the future. Beyond the economic impact, the European political, industrial, and energy sovereignty are being decided today.

By 2030, the global maritime economy could be worth $3 trillion, up from $1.5 trillion in 2015. The intensification of trade flows as well as the maritimization of the economy – whose vast potential for innovation and resources remains undervalued, are key development opportunities for ports.

Finding Opportunities in Post-Crisis China (2020)

Authors: Carlos Lopez, Jean-Marc Tixhon & Louis-Philippe Lammertyn

Hydrogen | REVOLVE MAGAZINE – Fall 2020

Several months after the COVID-19 peak in China, the country has been working intensively to recover its production capacity in multiple sectors, including hydrogen technologies. However, a significant part of the globe is still under strict measures to overcome the pandemic stage. That leaves one of the most powerful manufacturing capabilities in the world in a challenging situation to reach international consumers while depending significantly on its internal economy to recover.

The green hydrogen scenario during a global health and energy contingency by Hinicio,
September 2020

Study of the potential demand for renewable and/or low-carbon hydrogen in France in 2030 (French), Report by EY and Hinicio for AFHYPAC, August 2020

Hidrogeno Peru Hinicio Revista Energia

Hydrogen: The fuel for the future. Also for Peru? (Spanish)
Hydrogen Special  | REVISTAENERGIA.PE
Edition n° 19, August, 2020

Hydrogen: A revolution to impulse the sustainable energy and transport sector in Latin America by Hinicio, January 2020

Techno-Economic & Environmental Performance Comparison of GHG-Neutral Fuels & Drivetrains for Heavy-Duty Trucks, February 2019

‘The potential of Green Hydrogen in Flanders.’ (Dutch) Report by WaterstofNet and Hinicio, October 2018

‘The on-going Hydrogen Revolution – Business Cases for Power-to-Gas’ Feature article in Gasworld, June 2018

Study on Early Business Cases for Hydrogen in Energy Storage and more broadly Power-to-Hydrogen Applications funded by FCH JU

Is Hydrogen a solution for green energy resilience in the caribbean?, September 2017

‘Harnessing Marine Resources for Clean and Secure Islands’ Feature article in Revolve Magazine, Summer 2017

‘Hydrogen – a credible answer to global energy and mobility challenges’ Feature article in Revolve Magazine, Fall 2016

CertifHy “Developing the 1st EU-wide Guarantee of Origin Scheme for Premium Hydrogen” Summary (FCH JU, Innovation Project)

CertifHy “Definition of Green Hydrogen, outcome & scope LCA analysis” (FCH JU , Innovation Project)

Power to Gas: Short term and long term opportunities to leverage synergies between the electricity and transport sectors through power-to-hydrogen (Fondation Tuck, Study)

Power to Gas: Short term and long term opportunities to leverage synergies between the electricity and transport sectors through power-to-hydrogen (Fondation Tuck, Summary)

CertifHy “Roadmap for the establishment for a well-functioning EU hydrogen GO system” (FCH JU , Innovation Project)

HyUnder – European Collaborative research project funded by the FCH-JU
Assessment of the potential, actors and relevant business cases for large scale and seasonal storage of renewable electricity by hydrogen underground storage in Europe (FCH JU, Research Project)

Grid impact analysis and assessment for increased penetration of renewable energy into the Jamaican Electricity Grid in cooperation with EDF. (financed by World Bank)

Hydrogen: Too big to miss?

Power-to-Gas: Proposal for an economic model for decarbonized hydrogen. AIM conference, Presentation