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Hydrogen: The fuel for the future. Also for Peru? (2020)

Hydrogen Special  | REVISTAENERGIA.PE – Edition n° 19, 2020 (Spanish)

Author: Ana Angel

Much it has been said recently about the role of hydrogen in the decarbonization of energy systems in the world: as a source for energy storage, as a sustainable energy for mobility and industry, as a potential resource that can use the current gas infrastructure, among others. Latin American countries like Peru have great potential for the renewable energy market, because it could produce hydrogen at very competitive prices for domestic consumption and eventually for exporting it to countries such as Japan and Germany, which have announced their interest in closing trade agreements with potential suppliers.

Hydrogen: A revolution to impulse the sustainable energy and transport sector in Latin America (2020)

Authors: Patrick Maio, Julian Gonzalez, Carlos Lopez

Since the COP21 conference in 2015, climate change has been a top priority in the political, economic and scientific agendas at an international level. Certainly, hydrogen and fuel cells could be, without a doubt, part of the solution for the climate crisis, becoming a foundation for energy and transportation systems in the future, and turning into a key asset to decarbonize several strategic industries. In Europe, Asia and North America this revolution has already started. At Hinicio, we consider that 2020 will be the year when Latin America will actively adopt hydrogen. Hinicio’s experts and some regional leaders of this sector will provide insights as to why and how this change will take place.

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