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‘Harnessing Marine Resources for Clean and Secure Islands’ Feature article in Revolve Magazine, Summer 2017

‘Hydrogen – a credible answer to global energy and mobility challenges’ Feature article in Revolve Magazine, Fall 2016

CertifHy “Developing the 1st EU-wide Guarantee of Origin Scheme for Premium Hydrogen” Summary (FCH JU, Innovation Project)

CertifHy « Roadmap for the establishment of a well-functioning EU hydrogen GO system » (FCH JU, Innovation Project)

Short term and long term opportunities to leverage synergies between the electricity and transport sectors through power-to-hydrogen (Study, Fondation Tuck

Green Hydrogen Pathways – Study on early-stage hydrogen production technologies from renewable resources in the EU (FCH JU – Fuel Cells and Hydrogen joint Undertaking)

CertifHy ‘Generic estimation scenarios of market penetration and demand forecast for “premium” green hydrogen in short, mid and long term’

CertifHy “Technical Report on the Definition of ‘CertifHy Green’ Hydrogen”

HyUnder – European Collaborative research project funded by the FCH-JU
Assessment of the potential, actors and relevant business cases for large scale and seasonal storage of renewable electricity by hydrogen underground storage in Europe (Research Project, FCH JU)

Grid impact analysis and assessment for increased penetration of renewable energy into the Jamaican Electricity Grid in cooperation with EDF. (financed by World Bank)

Hydrogen: Too big to miss?