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External Experts

We work with our own resources but, on occasion, we choose to integrate external experts within our teams to bring in specific technical expertise, or geographic presence to bolster the quality of our deliverables and always in our client’s best interest. Due to the nature of the business, we pursue, we see this as a need and an advantage. We are looking to increase our network of high quality experts interested and able to help us provide our customers with exceptional results. We strive to work with professionals who excel in their field and are willing to embrace our ethics and motivations.

The way we generally work with experts is as follows:

  • Our experts are contracted for mid to long term assignments.
  • Our experts are fully integrated in a client team.
  • Our experts always report to the project leader.
  • Our experts are part of the solutions we sell and not a standalone offer we make.

We expect our experts to adopt 7 behavioral principles when working with Hinicio’s teams and clients:
1. Leadership: Embrace Hinicio’s attitude and working philosophy
2. Integrity: Say what you do, and do what you say
3. Excellence: Meet Hinicio’s high quality standards
4. TEAM spirit: Together Everyone Achieves More
5. Reliability: Respect timelines and delivery constraints
6. Knowledge: Benefit from and consolidate Hinicio’s knowledge base through our extranet
7. Communication: Communicate professionally on progress and raise all issues arising during the project on time
If these qualities define you and you are an enthusiastic person, we are interested in meeting you. Please send us your CV and a cover letter explaining your motivation to info[at] We will get back to you as soon as possible.