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CertifHy® Accelerates The Use Of Renewable And Low-carbon Hydrogen Certificates And Launches A New Website In 2022

CertifHy® accelerates the use of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen certificates and launches a new website in 2022

Every new year is an opportunity to start a new cycle. For that reason, we are delighted to present to you CertifHy®’s newly redesigned website available here:

The new, user-friendly modern site provides easy access to essential information that will help every market player (producers, consumers, traders, issuing bodies, regulators or hydrogen focused institutions) to go through the process of hydrogen certification so that they can issue and receive immediate and lasting value from CertifHy® Guarantees of Origin (GOs). “Our primary goal was to create a more valuable, user-friendly, and responsive platform for our customers. We are now ready to go live with CertifHy® GO certification for labelled green or low carbon hydrogen. Market participants can now issue, trade and use CertifHy® GOs to meet their environmental objectives and positively impact their corporate GHG emissions reporting.”, said Wouter Vanhoudt, the project leader of CertifHy® as well as Head of Business Development & Global Marketing for Hinicio, the company who is coordinating the project.

Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership also added: “We are thrilled to see that a project we started financing back in 2014 has had such an impressive impact and its results are feeding the harmonisation of Guarantees of Origin Schemes for Hydrogen across Europe and beyond. We are looking forward to the expansion of the scope of certification to renewable fuels of non-biological origin; that will allow to further improve the market value of green hydrogen and support its business case.” Hydrogen is widely used in various industrial applications and in transport and will play an important role in Europe’s future low-carbon energy mix. CertifHy® GOs will support hydrogen’s market growth as they are a reliable tool for consumers to track hydrogen’s origin and environmental attributes.

Please check our entire press release here to know more about the new platform, our different pilot phases and the first CertifHy® GOs transaction between a provider and an end-customer. To contact us and join the CertifHy® Stakeholder Platform, please send us an email at