Patrick MAIO - CEO
Patrick Maio, is the CEO and founder of Hinicio. Patrick is an electrical engineer and MBA graduate from Solvay Business School in Brussels with a focus on international strategy and finance. With 18 years of experience in the field, Patrick brings a wide expertise in renewable energies, a solid experience at successfully leading international projects teams, and capacity to analyses and formulate strategic challenges, completed with a clear understanding of political decision making. Before creating Hinicio, Patrick worked for 6 years in the management consulting practice of Ernst & Young in Brussels. Aside from his activities with Hinicio, Patrick holds several independent director board positions in renewable energy ventures in Europe and Latin America. Patrick is also an expert to the European Parliament and the European Commission on energy issues. Patrick is also an expert towards the European Parliament and European Commission on energy and climate change issues. Under his leadership, Hinicio set up offices in Brussels (HQ), Paris, Caracas and Bogota. He speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Wouter VANHOUDT - Director for Europe, Middle East & Africa
Wouter Vanhoudt became Hinicio director for Europe, Middle East & Africa in February 2014. Before joining Hinicio, Wouter was the general manager of Schreder Gulf LLC, a specialist in energy efficient outdoor lighting with worldwide 2600 employees. Wouter was based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In 2008 with the support of the Prince Albert Fund, he supported the launch of Chinese activities of Belgian startup company Container Quick Lock. Between 2004 and 2008 Wouter was a business unit manager at Altran Group in Belgium. Wouter is a commercial engineering graduate from University of Antwerp Belgium and holds a master in financial management from Vlerick Management School. Commenting about Wouter's recruitment Patrick Maio, managing director, stated: "I am really delighted with the recruitment of Wouter. We have been through a very thorough recruitment process, meeting with many excellent candidates over the last 3 months, however Wouter has been really standing out and I am excited about his arrival since I am firmly convinced he can make a difference for our customers and our company. On top of having an impressive personal track record gained through international exposure, strong people management skills, a deep commercial acumen and real interest in sustainable energies, Wouter has a really nice personality and I am sure everyone within and outside the company will welcome him as he deserves". Wouter will reinforce Hinicio's management team and will be responsible for supporting customers, leading Hinicio's consultant team and steering Hinicio's business development activities in the EMEA region.


Jean-Christophe LANOIX - Director of Projects (based in Paris, France)
Jean-Christophe is an electrical engineering graduate from Supélec, French's leading engineering school, holds a MSc. Sustainable Process Management from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburg (UK). A senior expert in hydrogen and fuel cells, Jean-Christophe has worked for a wide array of clients in the sector including utilities, gas companies, chemical companies, auto-makers and suppliers, technology manufacturers, startup companies, VCs and policy makers at regional, national, European and international level. He is a regular speaker at international events on hydrogen and fuel cells.


Frédéric BARTH, Senior Technical Advisor - Hydrogen (based in Paris, France)

Frédéric is an engineering graduate from Mines ParisTech. Frédéric has 24 years of experience with industrial gas company Air Liquide, covering the entire gas supply chain, with a special focus on hydrogen, and its energy and transport usages. His responsibilities covered operations, technology development, management of regulatory aspects and demonstration / dissemination of hydrogen energy technologies. From 2002, he actively contributed to the development of a hydrogen economy as a recognized expert, taking a leading role in the establishment of global standards and policy frameworks for the economy hydrogen. Thanks to his previous experience, Frédéric has developed a comprehensive understanding of the hydrogen from the point of view of operations, supply chain and regulation, he now puts to service to Hinicio's customers. Frédéric is based in Paris, France.


Jean-Marc TIXHON - Senior Technical Advisor Fuel Cells (based in Geneva, Switzerland)
More than 30 years' experience from DuPont, lately as a business manager for DuPont membranes (fuel cell and chloralakali), Intermediate monomers for industrial and Agro chemical applications, and anti-stick coating for oil & gas production tubing. As a former chairman of the World Fuel Cell Council, he has a vast experience of fuel cell and hydrogen related issues, both in technical, commercial and policy terms.

Mathieu van Gehuchten, Senior Consultant (based in Belgium)
Mathieu is a MSc. graduate in Economics and Management from Louvain School of Management (Belgium) and holds an MBA in Energy and Environment from the University of Twente (Netherlands). He has been working for 10 years in the renewable energy sector. His experience includes start-up creation, business development, project management, techno-economic studies, regulatory analyses, advising on strategic issues. After the electricity market went liberalised, Mathieu worked on the analysis of Carbon Trading Markets and the pricing / risk mitigation strategy for green certificates and electricity spot markets. He developed the green electricity supply activities for Belpower International in Belgium (IT process, trading of electricity on Belpex, team-building, front and back-office, commercial offers, marketing, financial and risk strategy) and worked on development, financing, acquisition and construction of large wind energy and small photovoltaic projects. He also developed crowd funding solutions and lead communication campaigns in order to promote renewable energy locally. Mathieu speaks French, Dutch, English and Spanish.


Joel Neave - Junior Consultant (based in Paris, France)

Joel is a junior strategy consultant at Hinicio. Joel is a BA (Hons) in Politics and History from University of York, UK, and also is holder of two master's degrees specialized in energy policy and energy finance and economics from University of Exeter, UK, and Université Paris Dauphine, France, respectively. Joel provides strategy consultancy services in the field of sustainable energy and mobility, developing generic techno-economic modelling tools to assess territory's RE technologies development feasibility, analysing business cases, evaluating SWAC and waste-to-energy potential, analysing the feasibility of biofuel and biomass development, among others. His previous experience includes working for the French Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Energy, La Défense (France) as Project Officer to the Senior Responsible Finance Advisor, and for Fondation Dauphine, Chaire « European Electricity Markets » (Paris, France) as Research Assistant. Joel speaks English and French.


Victor Blanco - Senior consultant, Environmental Specialist (based in Miami, Florida)
Victor is a senior consultant at Hinicio. Victor is a graduate in Marine Biology from Universidad de Oriente (Venezuela), and holds a Master degree in Environmental economics from Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (Spain) and a specialization degree (Diploma) on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol from Universidad Nacional del Centro de Perú (Peru). He has been working for 16 years in the consulting sector and for 6 years in the renewable energy sector. His experience includes techno-economic studies, regulatory analyses, project management, strategic advice. He has worked directly or indirectly for national and international public and private organizations, including UNDP and UNESCO and CAF - Development Bank of Latin America, among others. In 2014 he was recipient of the MIT Climate Colab Judges Choice Award to develop an innovative solution on waste management for climate change adaptation/mitigation. Victor speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese and is based in Miami, USA.

Ana Milena ANGEL - Consultant, Latin America (based in Colombia)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Spain and Master's graduate in the field of Sustainability and Renewable Energy from Ecole de Mines de Nantes, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Ana has detailed experience in renewable energies (mainly solar, marine, wind, hydrogen and fuel cells) and energy efficiency (commercial and industrial) developing market studies, business plans, techno-economic feasibility studies, regulatory assessments, supply chain analyses and research studies. Ana is a Colombian native and has been stationed in Belgium, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and USA. She has consulted in over 15 countries, mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ana speaks fluently Spanish and English and has some command of French and Portuguese.


Diana Angélica TORRES - Consultant Latin America (based in Bogota, Colombia)
Angélica joined Hinicio in March 2014 as a consultant based in Brussels. Angélica is a Colombian-Brazilian engineer with a Master's degree in Project Management in Energy and Environment Engineering from l'Ecole des Mines de Nantes, in France, and a Bachelor´s in Electronic Engineering from University of Los Andes, Bogota, in Colombia. Angélica has cumulated engineering field experience in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia and Mexico), Asia, Middle East and Europe, in the field of electricity, oil and gas. Her experience in Latin America includes market research, value chain analyses, and techno-economic feasibility studies in fields such as hydrogen and fuel cells, district cooling, SWAC, OTEC and energy storage. In 2015 Angélica moved to Bogota, Colombia, to set up a new Latin American office for Hinicio. Before joining Hinicio, Angélica worked as a field engineer at Schlumberger, and earlier as a service engineer in power transmission and distribution services at Siemens in Colombia. Angélica speaks Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.