Designing The First EU-wide Green Hydrogen Guarantee Of Origin  For A New Hydrogen Market

Designing the first EU-wide Green Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin for a new hydrogen market

Taking Europe-wide green and low carbon hydrogen Guarantees of Origin (GO) to the next level:…

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Argentina Launches 1.2 GW Renewable Tender

Argentina launches 1.2 GW renewable tender

As part of the RenovAr program, Argentina has launched a new renewable energy tender for…

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Harnessing Marine Resources For Clean And Secure Islands

Harnessing marine resources for clean and secure islands

Hinicio published in the international sustainability magazine Revolve  the feature article ‘Harnessing marine resources for…

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Power-to-Hydrogen Is Bankable Today And Key To The Energy Transition

Power-to-Hydrogen is bankable today and key to the energy transition

By 2025, an estimated cumulative electrolyser capacity of 2.8 GW could be installed in Europe…

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10 Years Hinicio Strategy Consulting Specialized In Sustainable Energy And Mobility

10 years Hinicio strategy consulting specialized in sustainable energy and mobility

This year, Hinicio, strategy consultancy specialized in sustainable energy and mobility, celebrates its 10 years…

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Hinicio Is Celebrating 10 Years

Hinicio is celebrating 10 years

HINICIO, strategy consultancy specialized in sustainable energy and mobility, is celebrating its 10th anniversary! 10…

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