Hinicio Supports the Valorisation of Hydrogen Industrial By-product 

Fifty billion Nm3 is the amount of hydrogen by-product coming from European industries every day and not sold out to the gas or chemical industry. This number represents an equivalent net production of 150 GWh/day (hydrogen energy content) and is enough to power 30,000 fuel cell range extender vehicles per year.

In fact, hydrogen by-product can be used to produce or transport energy in different applications such as fuel cells for stationary power production, hydrogen vehicles, forklifts, power backup solutions and much more.

This year, Hinicio has assisted COFELY (GDF-SUEZ group) and Eka Chimie (AKZO NOBEL) in analyzing a hydrogen by-product valorization project through the detailed technical and economic analysis of 10 different scenarios to valorize the hydrogen on-site or externally.

In January, Hinicio will address a French Energy Congress in Dunkerque and present alternative scenarios to value hydrogen by-produced in a variety of production processes. Participants will understand why hydrogen by-product valorization projects in the industry respond to a number of strategic priorities and how they can be integrated in larger hydrogen-energy projects supported by national or European institutions. 

For further information please contact Jennat El Guennouni at Hinicio Paris: jennat.elguennouni@hinicio.com