Hinicio develops The Energy Passport: an impact assessment methodology towards immediate risk mitigation

A new service addressing the private and public sector to help understand and mitigate the risks linked to changing energy systems and future energy policies for their business. European and subsequently national energy policies currently in place are setting goals and requirements from now to the year 2020. But longer term policies and targets for 2050 are already in the pipeline and will start being applicable, covering areas as diverse as buildings, materials, mobility and trade.

Mandatory energy performances for buildings, emission restrictions for cars and CO₂ allowances for energy-intensive industries are only the tip of the iceberg. To be in line with these long-term goals we will have to profoundly change our ways of doing business and creating value. The horizon of 2050 seems far away today but the required changes bear an inherent risk: long-term goals necessitate early action and investments to actually be met on time. But how can you know the target and the way to engage the right actions? Maybe Business-as-usual is a threat to your business.

Hinicio has been at the EU’s pulse since 2006 and directly involved in policy analysis and recommendation as an external expert for the European Parliament since 2009 and for the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission since 2011. Our private sector clients fully and directly benefit from Hinicio’s complete understanding of the European policy environment. Ranging from public authorities to multinational companies and investor groups, a growing number of clients rely on us to help them face the energy challenges of the 21st century. In the last years, Hinicio has developed and delivered several roadmaps, investment strategies and market studies to help businesses and public authorities mitigate the collective and individual energy risk.

Hinicio’s new service aims at assessing future energy policies with regards to their impact on business to help companies get on track for what they will have to meet in 2030 and 2050. We have developed a dedicated impact assessment methodology to provide decision-makers with the analysis needed to understand future energy issues and provide them with the tools for decision-making. Where companies that are already engaged in managing the future energy risk may only have the need for a specific study, other companies may want to get Hinicio on board for a complete risk assessment. Based on our international experience we are able to proceed to an international benchmarking to help you understand your position and competitiveness. Composed of engineers, economists, business administrators and political scientists, Hinicio’s dynamic team is fluent in 8 languages and will put at your disposal a cross-sectorial and international expertise.

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