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What customers think about us: TESTIMONIALS

Jean-Marc Tixhon, Directeur pour l'Europe, MEA, Fuel Cells chez DUPONT
"Hinicio is a very dynamic and flexible company showing high level of commitment to its customers. In addition to its customer focus Hinicio has the capacity to deliver on time and help implement customer plans with high quality standards. Business and customer relationship is a key element of its business strategy likewise flexibility and ability to adapt to new situations or customer needs."


Balazs Mellar, Adviser to the ITRE committee of the European Parliament
"We received very positive feedback on today's workshop. Much of the credit for this goes to you, you did an excellent job in identifying and securing great speakers. I was extremely happy with the performance of all of the experts, the quality of the debate was very high. I would like to thank you very much for your hard work under quite a lot of time pressure!" (Balazs Mellar, Adviser to the ITRE committee of the European Parliament)"


Jérome Biasotto, manager at the Directorate for Energy and Environment, Region of Rhône-Alpes, France
"The Region of Rhone-Alpes in France decided early 2009 to conduct a strategic study on the hydrogen and fuel cell sector. The Region decided to select Hinicio because of its recognised experience in the field. Hinicio's team has delivered the service with total satisfaction: excellent methodological approach, work delivery and presentation of results. Availability, reactivity and quality of the analysis characterized their work. We are glad that they decided on Paris for their next point of growth."


Lydia Sun, Sales Manager, Guangdong Fivestar Solar Energy Co.
"We very much appreciated the work which Hinicio delivered with an excellent research on solar thermal market in Europe and Latin America. Hinicio is a professional company with sound knowledge. They understand customer's needs very well. We made great achievements through their work. Based on this, we will intensify our cooperation with Hinicio in the near future." 

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